Air Ducks Duct Cleaning
& Dryer vent cleaning

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Why is it Important to have clean air ducts?

There are many factors as to why it is important to have fresh air flowing through our homes and the first one is definitely our health.


Throughout the years, allergens like dust, pollen, debris, pet dander, mite feces and dead skin cells, just to name a few, accumulate in the air flow system?  These allergens with any kind of moisture can turn into mold, fungus, bacteria or mildew. Not good for anyone to breathe, let alone infants. 

  "Children are more likely than adults to be effected by poor indoor air quality". 

                                                   -The Dept of Consumer Affairs-

New home owners can also benefit from having their air ducts cleaned. During construction   drywall, sawdust, and various other building materials often end up in the airflow systems.

Another reason to have your air ducts cleaned is Saving Money on energy bills. WE ALL LIKE THAT, with the proper cleaning of your air ducts you can save money on energy bills as well as enjoying quality air flow.

We also offer Dryer vent cleaning. This is another important item to consider cleaning in your home. Dryer vents that are partially or fully blocked are a serious fire hazard and also can double if not triple the length of time needed to dry a load of clothing.

Our Company takes pride in providing cleaner air and safer conditions for all of our valued customers.

Here is a video from channel 2 to demonstrate how important it is to clean your Dryer Vents